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Panoptix options

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Due to the fact that I recently purchased a Garmin Echomap 74SV I have been looking at the various Panoptix transducers.  I don't pretend to know a lot about them.  I only know what the manufactures and sellers widely advertise and from youtube videos I have viewed.  But since I have taken the time to try to figure out their differences I thought I would at least post that here.


The other thing I would like to do is maybe consoidate any info any of you are willing to to share with everyone in this post so with your help this post could be a one stop knowledge base for this fairly new technology?


Here is the little, in general I have been able to assertain:


Model PS21.  There are at least 2 part numbers for this Model 010-01588-00 and Model 010-01588-01. One is a trolling motor mount and the other a Transom mount.  

PS21-TR # 010-01588-00, Forward-looking Trolling Motor Transducer, Trolling motor shaft. or Barrel mount, Beamwidth: LiveVu & FrontVu (45°x90°), Maximum Range of 300Ft. Works even when boat is not moving.  Generally priced between 7oo to 800 dollars.  

For Garmin GPS Models:

  • echoMAP™: 70dv, 70s, CHIRP 72dv, CHIRP 72sv, CHIRP 73dv, CHIRP 73sv, CHIRP 74dv, CHIRP 74sv, CHIRP 75dv, CHIRP 75sv, CHIRP 92sv, CHIRP 93sv, CHIRP 94sv, CHIRP 95sv
  • GPSMAP®: 1020xs, 1040xs, 7407xsv, 7408xsv, 741, 7410xsv, 7412xsv, 741xs, 7607, 7607xsv, 7608, 7608xsv, 7610, 7610xsv, 7612, 7612xsv, 7616, 7616xsv, 8208 MFD, 8212 MFD, 8215 MFD, 840xs, 8500 Black Box, 8530 Black Box,10X2, 12X2xsv, ECHOMAP Plus:7cv, 7sv, 9sv, GSD: 25 Premium Sonar Module.


PS21-TM  # 010-01588-01, This is a Edit: (this part number has a 20 degree Beamwidth)Forward Transom Mount Transducer, Range: 300 ft, It adds FrontVu and LiveVu Forward,  The FrontVu sonar shows submerged obstructions after approaching them within a 300-foot forward range and helps you avoid collisions. It includes transducer transom mounting kit. Compatible with same model numbers as part # 010-01588-00. Priced 700-950.

Another Edit: Just wanted to point out that other than the 21 having a transom version and a Trolling motor version the other difference is that the 21TM has a 20 degree beamwidth (like the 22) and the 21TR has a 45 degree beamwidth.  


PS22-TR # 010-01945-00, Forward-looking Trolling Motor Transducer,  Beamwidth: LiveVu: (20°x100°), Maximum Range of 300Ft, 

For Garmin GPS Models: 

echoMAP™: CHIRP 72cv, CHIRP 72sv, CHIRP 92sv

GPSMAP®: 10X2,1222, 1222xsv, 1242xsv, 722, 7407, 7408, 7410, 7412, 7416, 7607, 7608, 7610, 7612, 7616, 8417 MFD, 8422 MFD, 8424 MFD, 8617 MFD, 8622 MFD, 8624 MFD, 922xs. Cost 1000.

This is an EDIT:  I was also told by a reliable source that the 22 is also compatible with the 73SV-93SV Chirp and also the 74SV through the 94SV Chirp models.  It's best however to check with Garmin first to be sure if your particular Garmin model is compatible with Panoptix before purchase. 


PS30  # 010-01284-00 Transom Mount Down Transducer, Provides 3 Remarkable Views (LIVEVÜ DOWN: Provides real-time moving sonar images (REALVÜ 3-D DOWN: Allows Boat to be Stationary & See Things in 3-D REALVÜ 3-D HISTORICAL: Finds Fish While the Boat is Moving). 300 ft max range.  Cost 1500.

Works with Garmin Model: echoMAP™: 70dv, 70s

  • echoMAP CHIRP: 72dv, 72sv, 73dv, 73sv, 74sv, 74dv, 75dv, 75sv, 92sv, 93sv, 94sv, 95sv
  • GPSMAP®: 1020xs, 1040xs, 421s, 441s, 521s, 527xs, 546s, 547xs, 720s, 740s, 7407xsv, 7408xsv, 7410xsv, 741xs, 7410xsv, 7412xsv, 7416xsv, 7607xsv, 7608xsv, 7610xsv, 7612xsv, 7616xsv, 840xs, 8417MFD, 8422MFD, 8500 Black Box, 8617MFD, 8622MFD, 8624MFD,10X2, 12X2xsv
  • ECHOMAP Plus:7cv, 7sv, 9sv
  • GSD: 25 Premium Sonar Module


PS31 # 010-01284-01, Panoptix Forward Transducer. Maximum Range of 300Ft, Provides 2 Remarkable Views (liveview Forward and 3d forward), Transom and Trolling motor mount. Compatibility is same as PS30. Price is 1500. 


PS51-TH 010-01753-00, Multibeam Thru-Hull Transducer,Forward-looking Thru-Hull Transducer, Maximum Range of 300Ft, Provides Remarkable Views: 
(LIVEVÜ FORWARD: Provides Real-time Moving Sonar Images), This transducer has a narrow beam, forward-looking sonar that focuses on the bottom in front of your boat and displays the bottom ahead of your boat in real time. It also includes an AHRS sensor for motion stabilization in rough water conditions. Price - 1500.

Works with Garmin Models:

  • echoMAP: CHIRP Chartplotter/Sonar Combo 7- and 9-inch Models
  • GPSMAP:7400/7600 Chartplotter/Sonar Combo series, 8000/8200/8400/8500/8600 and 7x1/7x2/8x0/9x2/10x0/10x2/12x2 Series
  • ECHOMAP Plus:7cv, 7sv, 9sv


Hope this is helpful to someone.











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So terry are you going to get panoptix for your new unit if you do let me know what you think of it I'm ordering mine as soon as I can even if all it does is let me see structure and drops ahead of me it's worth it to me 

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4 hours ago, FishOn!GetTheNet said:

So terry are you going to get panoptix for your new unit if you do let me know what you think of it I'm ordering mine as soon as I can even if all it does is let me see structure and drops ahead of me it's worth it to me 

Appreciate the comment/question.


My plan was to eventually get panoptix for my Echomap 74SV Chirp and I probably will but haven't yet.  When I wrote this topic I had not yet used my 74 and since the 74 is meant for bigger water I wasn't actually sure how well it would work on local lakes.  However I have since used it and it works great!  I can see structure and most imporant to me I can see fish just fine with it.  I can't of course tell exactly where the fish are but pretty close.  It appears to me with panoptix I could probably see exactly where they are and if they move I could see that too so thats pretty awesome in my mind.  I wouldn't mind seeing the price drop a bit on the transducers, if they do that would likely make me strike.   


Oh yea also, once I anchor I really can't see the fish with my CV51 transducer, but with Panoptix I could still see them and know what direction and how far they are from me and more!

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