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Been a while since I've posted here!

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Mostly because we couldn't go fishing in the winter.  Got really cold in SE Ohio this year - Muskingum river actually froze over for a while.  Hasn't happened in a long time.  Not much actual snow to speak of though.  :(


But today, I was supposed to go fishing with my brother up at AEP - why AEP you ask?  You've read my numerous reports in the Fishing Reports section about our total lack of ability to catch fish there (or lack of ability to catch them anywhere, actually...).


This is why.




I'm the new owner of a 2006 Wrangler Rubicon!  Now we can really wheel around at AEP and reach some ponds that were until now, unreachable for us!


Brother had to end up going by himself though - my boss ended up having a funeral today and I had to cover the shift, which meant he went fishing in my Jeep and I took the Beamer to work.


Suffice to say he was out there for a few hours and didn't catch anything - temp was hovering around freezing and it was windy out, but sky was clear and the sun was out.


When he brought it home, there was some caked on mud that he kindly took down to the car wash and power sprayed off for me.  lol  Even vacuumed the interior!




Looking to get out sometime soon and see if our luck is any better.  Currently planning on hitting up Wolf Run on the 23rd as it's the day after they release rainbow trout - my brother and I are going with a coworker of mine and looking to start around 7am.


See you folks around!

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back and...nice jeep. Long a dream of mine and

my boys.

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Thanks folks - good to be back.  Might be taking it out today with my brother back to AEP to do some stuff together!

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