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Dan C

Need new trout setup

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So I’m a heavy brown trout fisherman. I am fishing a man made reservoir. I fish consistently ugly stick gx2 rods 6,6 medium with miss matched reels(pflugher, evercast, Exceler). Would like to at some point find a great rod and reels combo. What you guys using? And should I stick with rods and find a good reel to pair with the rods? The ugly sticks are very well made.

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I just picked up a Cabela's Fish Eagle Salmon/Steelhead rod and a Cabela's Tournament ZX reel. Very nice set up. 

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I have been lucky enough to win two St. Croix's in trout tournaments and I really do love em, the last one was a 7' trout edition but I find that I really prefer to use that for presentations with a float, I really like my 6' 6" avid Series, its also an ultra light but it has a great back bone and to me it feels more like the power of  medium light to light action rod with the sensitivity of an ultra light, I use it for pond bass fishing too. I pair both of them with Pfluger reels, before winning the President Supreme XT, and a limited edition President XT which are both great but a little pricey, I always liked the standard president series, all of my president series reels from trout sized to bass sized have been going for 7 years with no problems. Before that I used the President series Bass Pro combo and I recently gave them to my grandpa who will be joining us this year. I bring three set ups with me and my last setup is the one I have been using down there for 7 years, the same ugly stick you have with a standard President series reel :)  

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