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Still trying to learn more here. In an effort to pair reels and rods what is better in this situation?


7.1:1 reel on a 7'0" MH (lure weight 1/2-1oz)




6.4:1 on a 7'0" MH (lure weight 1/4-7/8oz)


what I'm asking is it better to use the 7.1:1 reel on a larger lure vs a 6.4:1 or should I reverse that? Am I splitting hairs here?


Seems like my lures don't range that much anyways most of mine seem to be 1/4-5/8oz

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Splitting hairs, lol. There are so many ways to look at it as you’ve discovered that it gives me a headache when I do it myself. 😅


For me, generally speaking a technique that benefits from needing the line to be recovered quickly will be the reel I’d use with a higher gear.  


Else, I honestly can’t recall ever losing a fish or hook set because I couldn’t reel up line fast enough. If that were the case, how did the old timers do it with reels with perhaps half the line recovery rate of today’s reels? 


See? Now you got me thinking too much again, lol. 

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For the rod to be used for spinnerbaits I would use the lower ratio because I tend to crank them too fast.  I use an old Calcutta 100 with 5.4 (I think that's it) ratio to slow me down.

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