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How good are *** fishing’s reels and rods

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Hey guys, recently I found out about this company called *** who makes what looks to be nice, inexpensive rods and reels. I haven’t found anything on how good their products are. I’d like to get your guys opinions on their products

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Why does the site or product name I posted show up as "another site" or as ***?
First it has nothing to do with competition. In most cases, it has something to do with the points above - site owners not abiding by the rules of the forum, or over-zealous pro-staffers spamming the forums. In some cases, however, the site owner specifically requested that we do not link to their site.

If your post contains ***, then that means you may not discuss that brand here.  Your post will likely be deleted, and you may get banned (see the next paragraph below).

Do not attempt to avoid the profanity filters.
Veiled profanity is unacceptable. Please do not type around the filter by using dollar signs for an S or any similar method. The use of terms like 'F-in', 'OM*G', '**** this', or other abbreviations is considered just another form of avoiding the filters. This applies to any word that is blocked by the filters.

Deliberate attempts to circumvent the filters will be met with a suspension and/or a permanent ban.

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