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Tied My First Alberto Knot Today

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If I can tie an Alberto Knot, anyone can.  I've been dreading tying knots this year do to the numbness in my fingers.  Finally, I got to the point where I had to start getting my gear ready for use.  After a fairly successful Arbor knot, I got spooled up with 40lb Power Pro on a 30 size spinning reel.  I decided to use a 10 lb Copoly leader.


Due to some medical challenges I have a very shakey left hand and tingling in my fingers.  I also wear progressives so I can see up close and at distance.  


I tried the Alberto 3 or 4 times and was getting the lines mixed up.  Then I decided to try a double uni knot.  Just one side of it seemed even harder to hold and control, so I went back to the Alberto.  I got it after 2 more tries.  My process was ugly, but the result looks good. I think I would cut my fingers if I pulled the knot any harder.  I'm anxious to try it out when my schedule allows.


For anyone dreading their first attempt at attaching a leader to braid, I highly recommend the Alberto Knot.  From google I used a couple animated examples to understand how the knot went together, then I watched a couple you tube videos for ideas on how to hold the line while tying the knot.  Conceptually, the Alberto knot is fairly easy to understand, and with minimal experience it should be easy to tie at a workbench.  Tying in by the water would take more practice.


So, if I can tie an Alberto not, so can you :)



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I wouldn't be too sure.  :dork:  Tried it once with just my hands.  After that I taped one end down to make my life easier.  I don't use leaders.  This was laying down a base with mono for splicing on braid or fluorocarbon...at home.  Don't think I could do it freewheeling in a boat.  :doubt:  The Alberto does make for a nice thin knot.  I like it.  I suppose some day I should sit down in front of the TV and practice tying it freehand.


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Try this, makes it much easier. takes less than a minute.


pinch the leader loop and braid with one hand, take 7 turns up the doubled leader leaving a small uniform visible distance between the wraps with the other hand. Now pinch the other end with the hand you were wrapping, and wrap with the other hand back towards the loop placing the wraps in between the original wraps making x crosses (don't worry if you miss one or two. feed the tag so that it exits the same as the main line. Now snug slowly with all 4 ends until it just comes together, not too tight. Now lube, and grab the main like and leader and pull quickly and firmly to seat. turn the leader tag 90º and clip flush. I finish the braid with 2 half hitches, but that's just cause that's how we always did it in the salt. It sounds like a lot, but I've shown this method to folks, and most get it the first time.


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I practiced different knots in my free time this winter. started with the fg knot but it is too complicated to consistently tie in a boat. switched  to the alberto and got to the point , that I could tie it relatively easy. 

I do basically the same thing as @reason, except I don't use the finishing half hitches.

it is a strong Knot and goes through the rod guides nicely. 

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I'll need to be practicing at the workbench before trying outside.   I think the workbench really helped keep my hands steady.  Right now I need the help :)

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