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  1. I'd probably have to buy some line in 2046.
  2. Yeah, I have some similar with a big Indiana, they don't tickle it, I usually need to reach in there to get it back.
  3. I'm reluctant to give advice without confirming the diagnosis lest we fix a problem that doesn't exist, but keeping even pressure while maintaining a consistent loaded rod is the goal. When they jump, specially if most of that 1/2 oz lure is outside the mouth, it's a bit of a crap shoot, I like to keep them from jumping in the first place, but if they do, keep just enough pressure for the lure not to swing loosely, sometimes easier said than done.
  4. Nice, I'd keep the orthopedist's number handy for when you get your shoulder yanked out...
  5. Yeah, if the fish were on for more than a moment, and they threw the hook when they changed direction or jumped, it's most likely user error in conjunction with the unforgiving nature of braid in applying even pressure, but without seeing it, could be other factors as well. If anything a softer rod would help, as might a mono leader.
  6. I only fish without a FF when I have to. To me it's not usually about finding fish, it's about having the depth, and seeing structure, or deeper weed lines and the such, and temp. but in new water, or if I haven't been out in a while, then yeah, I may use it to find fish.
  7. I have 2 or more of the same rod for a lot of things, and I code them with dots on the bottom of the cork, they look like dominos, habit from my tennis days when no 2 racquets were the same, not to mention the stringing.
  8. There is actually a lot of research on the effects of various conditions and stimuli on the development of eggs in fish. In short, yes, if bass were in say high 30s to low 40s degree water, and you raised the temperature quickly to mid 60s or so, not only would they not begin to spawn, they couldn't.
  9. LOL. I'm picturing a customizable shrink wrap sleeve that comes out of a P-Touch type thing, call it Global Label Xtreme, so you can have GLX in bold type above the specs...
  10. Yeah, the Fury 703 makes for a decent enough mid depth not to large cranking rod, it won't handle deep diving larger cranks well. Dobyns markets the Fury as an all around rod. Only you can decide what a rod is good for or not based on what and how you fish, regardless of how it is labeled or marketed.
  11. Great discussion, and a lot of good points. I think much like Newtonian physics, it is possible to get things fundamentally wrong, yet still be able to make accurate predictions and calculations on outcomes. Lots of ways to skin this cat once you get it out of the box and double slit it's throat...
  12. LOL. If you look at the log of a certain US destroyer, you will find an entry made late one night while underway of something(s) witnessed by 3 lookouts and one Bosun of the watch, that to this day one of them has no idea what it could have been...
  13. I used to make something like that, it works great, but not sure it adds much once the water warms up a tad. They will catch for sure.
  14. It is common place around here when they first come out about this time of year because they will look to bask. I always wear heavy boots when shore fishing or walking around. We don't have rattlers (supposedly we do, but I've never seen one) around here, but copperheads seem to love my favorite local puddles. I've been standing a foot or two from one for a bit before seeing it. I find poison ivy and ticks more of a problem, and Canada geese more annoying though.
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