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Anyone have any advice on a cover for my boat?


It is a 1984 Landau Magnum TR.  Or virtually the same hull as a 17ft Tracker of the same vintage.  I'm not looking to spend a ton of money on the cover, just something with elastic, or a drawstring so I can more easily manage the wind that always seems to catch the tarp that I currently use year round.  I will not be towing with the cover, and for winter storage, I would like to use the cover, with a tarp over top for a double layer of protection.  The tarp is a real pain to deal with during the fishing season when I'm going out fishing and coming back.  But the frame and tarp arrangement I built worked well this winter at keeping the snow/rain from pooling in the boat.


So, like a 3 season cover.  One that would work with the frame under it would be great, it sits about 3 feet above the deck, so there would have to be a good bit of slack in the cover to work with the frame I think?  Is such a thing made?  I could re-work the frame to sit lower if needed.


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I bought a cover off of eBay for my Lowe 170 for about $40. It was for a 17'-19'long and a 90" beam. It had an elastic rope sewn in at the bottom. I had mine reworked to a custom fit. It's water resistant and I'm pretty happy  considering what it cost. On eBay they have all sizes and you should be able to find something that would work for you. Hope this helps. 

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Cabelas sells generic covers for under $100 that have an elastic band.

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