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I have not been able to find any videos on how to install Fighting butts for split grips. What do you guys do, and what cork butts and parts do you use, and how to install them. Thanks a lot for the help.

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When I started, I generally used the rear grip pieces that you ream out and slide down just like any other grip section.  The grips I used would have a tenon turned down on the back end to accept a butt cap, something like this.  I would finish with an EVA mushroom style butt cap.  The geometry of the mushroom shaped butt cap makes it easy to find the butt of the rod for proper hand placement for two-handed casts.  Sometimes I would use cork, sometimes EVA, and sometimes woven graphite.


Those first woven graphite split grips I used were pricy, as they were made from the Batson Woven Graphite Foregrip Sections, but the grip geometry works perfectly for me and my small hands.  Once I got equipped to start turning some grips, my personal casting rods get grips turned to similar dimensions now.  Now you can get foam core based woven graphite at a bit more affordable prices, and if you are willing to make them yourself, significant savings.


Now, if you use one of the fighting butts with a solid butt, you have ream it out to the maximum OD of the butt of the rod and slide on from behind.  This means that winding checks are mandatory to hide the glue line.  Personally, I do not like copious amounts of epoxy, either adhesive or finish on any part of my rod, as it is detrimental to the performance of the rod.


When you ream your pieces to fit the blank, with cork you want it to have a snug (not tight) dry fit about 1/2" or so short of where you want it to end up.  When you apply epoxy to the blank, the grip will slide into place and leave only a thin glue line between the grip and blank.  If you do a good job of reaming, the glue line is practically invisible, and you can show off your fine craftsmanship by leaving off winding checks, unless you want bling on your rod.

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Thank you for all the help.

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On the blind hole type butts you simply bore the hole in the butt to the blank end diameter and glue it on, any minor fit and finish problem at the front of the butt grip will/can be covered with a check, or you can butt up against it with a thread wrap and put finish over it.


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