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Which style blade and size hook should I go with?

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I am wanting to put together a little swimbait with an underspin to play around with. I am going to use a 3.8 inch Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbait for the body. I found a couple of Owner hooks with underspins and I am trying to figure out which blade style and size to buy.


As for the blade (I attached a picture of both and what he final product would look like) they offer it in a willow or Colorado blade. Which would you recommend?


As for the size considering the swimbait I will be using is 3.8 inches long here are the 3 sizes they offer, which should I choose?


1/8oz 1/0

3/16oz 3/0

1/4oz 5/0


Which blade style and size should I go with?


TIA guys!




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For blade style you basically have 2 opposite ends of the spectrum.


The Colorado will have less flash, more drag, more thump and thus slow the bait down. Great for off colored water and, IMO, for cold water presentations.


The Willow will have more flash, less drag, less thump and thus will speed the bait up. Great for clear water condition and, IMP, for warm water presentations.


Blade size will matter. Too small and no rotation, i.e. no thump. Too big and the whole bait rotates.


I'm sure someone will chime in on hook size and weight.


Good luck. :)

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Now I am wondering if the 3.8 would be the correct size for LMB? Whichever is best what size hook that I listed above should I match with it?

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