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7 inch Mizmo tube

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so I'm a big fan of 2 and 3/4 to 4 inch tubes. When I saw that mismo made a 7 inch version, I decided to try it.  I wanted to know if any of you guys/gals fished with these and mostly what the heck did you use as a hook.  These things are huge and for $6.30 for a 2-pack, I'd hate to leave them just sitting in storage. Thanks in advance

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So I have not tried the Mizmo tubes but have used the Canyon Plastics Giant Tora Tubes which are also 7”.  I rig them 2 ways.  1 is a Blade Runner Tora Tube jighead and the other is a way I found on the web from Mike Long on how to rig them (google it).


i basically just swim them and occasionally stop to let them fall.  Biggest fish I think I’ve caught of them was maybe 5lbs.  I was surprised how many 2-3 lbs I’ve caught.

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I remember years back throwing a 5" Jumbo Fat Tube on St Clair or maybe Erie....I think it may have even been a Mizmo . But I had a tough time rigging them with regular tube jig hooks and my main concern was with the increased body size, there was a much smaller gap between the body of the tube and the hook point and I found my hooking percentage was much lower so I've stuck with 4" tubes instead. But you are talking 7" tubes and I would think the standard bottom method and exposed inserted tube hooks would pose the same problem....so maybe some type of external jig head with a long hook ? I don't really know, but it seems that it would have to be one mean and hungry fish to eat a 7 inch tube

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