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  1. I’ve gotten into pretty decent number of smallies on the Delta above Isleton. Nothing big, probably largest was around 2lbs but a surprising catch
  2. In my old house the space to store rods was a weird dimension so I ended up buying rod holder clips off of Amazon and made a custom rack to hold the rods and maximize storage. When I moved I took the rack/clips and again made my own rod rack. I like the flexibility as it hold the very light rods to my saltwater stuff with no issues.
  3. I would have to say Abu Revo Premiers I think the 2nd generation ones…Wish I hadn’t gotten rid of them years ago. I also loved the old E series Curados, the only reels I sold for more money than I originally paid new…lol
  4. I do this as well. Makes the price on things more reasonable and the gift card stretches a bit further. I probably have $100 in GC that are a few years old as if I only spend it on stuff I’ll use.
  5. My favorite swim bait is the top hook Hudd 68 ROF 12 in trout. I’ve done well at places like Clear Lake or the Delta that don’t have trout and fish still bite it. Personally I don’t think the color really matters. I’ve found I usually do better dragging them along the bottom so that’s why I prefer the 12 over the 5. I do have a few of the weedless rof5 but I don’t really fish them that much.
  6. I think it was at 3 I started taking my boys out on the boat. At that time they were in the child vests. I don’t know brand but I remember taking the older one to BassPro and he picked the one he wanted. I always wear an inflatable life jacket when I’m on the boat so he always saw me with it on and had no problem wearing it all the time. When my younger one started going, he used his older brothers vest as he had outgrown it and saw his older brother wearing it and always kept his on. Also both of them have been in the pool/lake with the vests on to see how they work.
  7. I use a rubber net. I picked it up years ago on clearance at Bass Pro Shops and works perfectly with the Stripers.
  8. Reminds me of when I was a kid. My buddy had a next door neighbor who had a pool but didn’t use or keep it maintained. It was all green and filled with rain water. My buddy asked if he good grow crawdads in it and they said no problem. I remember helping him catch a dozen or so and toss them in. He would throw in some food and we had a good supply of crawdads for a couple years until they tore it out.
  9. Why don’t you just buy a larger spoon and grind down?
  10. Not fishing through ice, but we use them for suspended bass in the summertime. Usually when they are 30+ feet deep going after baitfish, we will fish the tail spinners and spoons vertically and do really well.
  11. My buddy uses a white one for bed fishing…I’d imagine you could use it for that as well
  12. While I haven thrown this bait, I’ve thrown a bunch of other baits that were “supposed” to be similar to a Hudd 68…I always end back throwing a Hudd, IMO it’s one of the best swim baits in the market.
  13. My bigger fish have all come from the Delta. My biggest limits of 5 have come from Clear Lake. I’d agree with above that I would focus on the Delta for a PB.
  14. I’ve only fished Tahoe from a boat so can’t comment much on access points. Usually trolling was the most consistent way for us to catch fish though we have done well drifting night crawlers. I’d imagine floating a crawler will do fine in the right areas. I’ve also fished bass once out of Tahoe Keys. My buddy knows someone who lives there and took their kayaks out and caught some around all the docks. FWIW, when I visit my buddy up in Reno, we fish the feeder creeks/Trucker river and not from the shore in Lake Tahoe. So if there are any around you I would not overlook them.
  15. I occasionally throw it on the Delta or Clear Lake. I use a 5/0 EWG hook Texas rigged and weightless. I think the only times I’ve thrown the 7” has been in tournament situations when I’m targeting 1 big bite….the largest fish I’ve caught on one has maybe been 5lbs so not the best.
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