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Pflueger President vs Mitchell 300 Pro

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Yes it's the millionth "what reel should I buy" topic. 


Looking for a reel under 70 bucks to put on my general-purpose cheapo Speed Stick. I've had my heart set on a Pflueger President since I started kicking around the idea, but I've recently been really looking at the Mitchell 300Pro mainly because it'll match my rod. I know it's a stupid reason, but the blue/gray and gold on the President would look really dumb on a lime green and white rod. 


Is there really much difference between the two? Is the Mitchell better even? I don't want to get an inferior reel just for aesthetics. 

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I have both reels, and don't think you can go wrong with either to be honest. Some people hate the drag on the Mitchell, but I haven't had an issue. What I dislike about the Mitchell is the bail doesn't leave much room between itself and the rod, and even if I had smaller hands it would be problematic, so I really have to pay attention to the angle I hold the line when casting or I may have some issues losing line loops or with line twist. I will note that I switched to braid and made sure I place my hand in the right place, and haven't had an issue since. Pairing it with a rod with a better handle would also help (something like the Avid X where the handle extends past the reel seat).


Now what you will like about the Mitchell is that it's an incredibly smooth reel, much smoother than reels that cost triple the price, and feels like a huge step up from the President.

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Either one will be a quality reel, both are owned by Pure Fishing. I think my regular Mitchell 300 is comparable to a Pflueger President, they are almost equally smooth.

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