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Miss Zonnie

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Miss Zonnie Chester lived in a small, modest home in a quiet part of

town. Now she never took a husband but always remained socially active and was known to most to be a pleasant sort. She loved her little Molly, a full blooded Schnauzer that she always kept close at hand. But Molly was bad to get the heat rash and had to get sheared regularly in order to avoid the misery.

But when Henderson’s Veterinary closed it’s doors this spring, she was forced to go to the new place, way on the other side of the county, in order to get the little dog clipped. This became quite the chore, and was twice the price of Henderson’s to boot! But Miss Zonnie got an idee in her head and set forth to take action on this quandary herself. She found a bottle of Nair hair remover cream that she used to use on her own legs to avoid the razor burn from shaving. It wasn’t that old, she reasoned, and she commenced coating little Molly down with the cream. But this did not go well. Little Molly turned beet red and yelped to high heaven in agony.

Miss Zonnie nearly had a heart o gram, she scooped the little dog up in her arms, and drove straight down to Hagers Apothecary. She quickly made her way back towards the pharmacy desk where old man, Bib Hager was quite busy with his daily record keeping. “Bib, I put Nair cream all over my little Schnauzer and now she’s all red and puffy, whatever am I going to do?”

Bib never looked up from his paperwork, never saw little Molly in the womans arms either. “Everything is gonna be fine Zonnie, just dont ride your bicycle for a week or two ‘til it gets to feeling better.”




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That's just funny right there.

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