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  1. me and my son hit Lake Norman early this morning. it had already hit 86 degrees by the time we put it on the trailer at 11:00.
  2. a couple brush pile spots from this morning
  3. putting the cover on the little johnny
  4. at first, i started out fishing off shore without the aid of electronics. triangulation, a texas rigged worm, a marker buoy and an anchor. it got a little easier once i bought a $100 Eagle depth finder (with the old blocky pixels), but i still employed the triangulation method, and still do to this day, even with my basic Garmin sonar. i’m not knocking all the new technology, or those who use it, but i still enjoy the “old school” sporting aspect of the hunt. as far as the amount of time spent fishing one spot, i’ll do some fan casting on each of my holes until i feel i need to move on, usually 5-10 minutes if they’re not biting, more if they are.
  5. it’s some kind of aquatic weed, but i don’t know exactly what kind. it showed up in our little lake a few years ago. appears to be present in certain areas, from the bank out to about 6 or 7 feet.
  6. can anyone tell me what this stuff is?
  7. get yourself down here! seriously, y’all aint anywhere near those wildfires are you?
  8. a &$@#%&$! muskrat got ahold of my aft transducer cable on the little johnny. he chewed through my dock lines too. imma take $61 outta his back side if i ever catch him.
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