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Lowrance Customer Support

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I have another thread posted where I had accidentally sliced my transducer cable and a lot of this same info is already posted.  However, I just wanted to take a minute and post about an excellent customer service experience with Lowrance where I feel they truly went above and beyond.


On Sunday night I was working on my kayak and slipped using a utility knife.  Of course, with my luck, the knife slipped directly into the transducer cable for my sonar unit.  The cut went through the foil shield and nicked into a few of the internal wires.  Considering the cut was only about 3 inches in front of the transducer, I knew I would have a tough time splicing and soldering while keeping the area waterproof afterwards.


I called Lowrance on Monday and explained my accident.  I told them I don’t have any certified dealers in the area to speak about repairs with, so I was calling for their recommendation on whether there is a decent course of action for repair.  I told them the transducer was purchased only 4 months ago and I use it so I can switch my HDS unit back and forth from my kayak to my family bass boat. 


They said they should be able to help me out as long as I could produce a receipt for the transducer, which I told them would be no problem.  After taking my name and address, they sent me an email so I could reply a copy of the receipt.  I didn’t know what “help” meant at the time but I replied my receipt and waited for further instruction.


Early on Tuesday morning I received a shipping notification.  On Wednesday, a new transducer was waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home from work.


Considering manufacturer warranties typically only cover manufacturer defects, I am blown away by the level of support provided by Lowrance.  I called them hoping I could pay to have my transducer shipped back to them, pay a fee for repair, and pay return shipping to get it back to me.  I could not have even imagined having a brand new transducer less than 48 hours later for no charge.


This is, hands down, the best customer service experience I have with ANY company.  Gestures like this go a long way with me and Lowrance has certainly secured themselves a repeat customer whenever I am in need of another unit.

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With the prices of these units making up a huge part of our fishing budget, brand loyalty is a very important goal.  That was a nice outcome!

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Always good to hear positive out comes for customer service all to offen just negative. Glade it worked out well for you

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