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I have spent the past month putting my Revo SX through the wringer, and it has held up well! From what I can tell, it is a great reel for just about any application you can think of. I have a 7:3:1, and have used it for swimbaits, spoons, jigs, a Carolina rig, and some topwater. I have been fishing 15lb fluorocarbon on it, I picked a versatile line so that I could use it for a variety of baits and techniques.


The reel casts extremely well, I have mainly used it with very low brake settings, and light spool tension. With a 1/2oz football jig, I am hitting 40-50 yards if I want to. I haven't tried anything extremely lightweight, but the reel isn't designed for that anyway. It has performed very well down around the 1/4oz range. The brakes can be adjusted to have a lot of influence on your casts. If you do that, distance definitely goes down, but it is almost impossible to backlash the reel, which could be useful in high winds or for an inexperienced angler.


The reel has plenty of power, I caught my biggest fish of the summer (a 6lb largemouth) on it and had no problem convincing her to away from the standing timber with it. I also used it to whoop some very mean smallmouth on Bassmaster Live !


The only flaw I have found is the drag. It was extremely smooth to begin with, but now it is mildly sticky. It is still better than many reels I own. I am not sure why baitcaster drag systems don't perform very well, but among the sub $150 reels I am familiar with, they tend to get sticky in a short period of time. With that being said, drag isn't too important with many baitcaster applications, but if your drag does get tested and it is a bass on the other end, it probably isn't a baby!


B21007300.224424429;sz=1x1;ord=226655;dcLearn More About The RevoSX




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I like my SX as well.

Nicely Done. 




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it's one of my favorite reels. 

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