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Daiwa Aird-X and Fuego CT Review!

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So, I have been planning on investing in some new combos for a while and considering my two Curados and Abu Promax were stolen out of the back of my truck, I picked up two Daiwa products.


The first item I'm going to give you my thoughts on is the 7' MHF Daiwa Aird-X casting rod.  These puppies can be had for 55 bucks from various sources!


Looks : This puppy is gorgeous.  The gold accents make for a very sharp looking rod.  The foil near the handle and reel seat is beautiful and eye-catching.  Sadly, the gold is a poor match for the dark red accents of the Fuego CT.  8/10.

Feel : She's balanced, and the EVA grip is a pleasure to hold.  I'm sure she is by no means as comfortable and balanced as a more expensive rod, but it gets 10/10 from me.

Power : While the rod is rated at medium heavy, it feels more like a medium powered rod to me.  She bends with ease, but I've had no problem hauling several fish out of the grass and have even pulled up one with about five pounds of salad attached to it.  I put it through the ringer for 20 or so hours last week and weekend, and it's passed with flying colors.  7/10, minus 3 for calling it a medium heavy, Daiwa!

Action : She's not a fast action, that's for sure.  More like medium fast!  7/10.  I can work around the action, but it's not so nice being told it's fast action.

Casting Ability : The rod absolutely shines in this regard.  It's been stiff enough to handle pitches to several cruising bass very accurately, and I put a hookset on two fish I sighted this weekend.  It is by no means a rod built for heavy pitching, but in a pinch, it'll do for a cruising fish.  The distance is very pleasing.  My Curados were old and the rods they were on pretty poor, and the Abu Promax combo would max out around 30-35 yards on the cast.  The Aird-X paired with a Fuego CT is putting a 1/4oz bullet, 2/0 EWG, and 5" YUM Dinger 120~ feet from me on the regular.  I checked to see how well it handled lighter weights and it casted a 1/8oz jighead and keitech trailer about 50-60'.  I feel like I'm going to cover a ton more water with this rod.  10/10.  I'm impressed. 

Sensitivity : This is the only downfall of the rod.  It has thus far been sensitive enough to detect bites, but I've fished similar priced rods with a much more solid report.  It's taking some getting used to, but I don't think the handicap is a glaring one and with time I'm sure myself, or anyone who picks up an Aird-X, will be able to differentiate different bottom, structure, and most importantly, a bite.  6/10.


Overall, the Daiwa Aird-X is an excellent value and feels and performs well above it's price range and I would recommend it highly to anyone looking for a budget rod.  8/10 overall.


I'll be posting my impressions of the Daiwa Fuego CT in this topic later, so check it out if you liked my rod review.

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Pretty spot on review from my experience as well. I have the 7' HFB which I use for horny toads because it has a soft tip, but isn't a pool cue. Great rod for non-bottom contact for the price.

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