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I have a Crosman Redtail .22 break barrel pellet rifle. My shots are of varying accuracy (some holes are touching and others inches apart) and I think I might have found the culprit.There is about a millimeter of side to side play in the barrel when it is cocked and closed up. Does anyone know how oI could fix this? It would also be helpful if anyone could point out other reasons for my lack of accuracy. Dove season starts tomorrow and I would like this problem fixed soon.


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Not sure how to fix the barrel slop problem, but if your sights or scope are on your barrel it should not affect accuracy.

if the sights are on the receiver, it will affect accuracy.

one thing that can affect accuracy with a break barrel rifle is the trigger, they act a little differently than a firearm trigger. often times there is a lot of creep before it releases. Keep a firm grip on the gun through the trigger pull. if the trigger has a heavy pull, the gun can jump when the trigger breaks.

A smooth steady trigger pull will help accuracy.


one of the most important aspects of air gun accuracy is ammo. every gun is different.

I have 4 break barrel rifles. 2 .177 and 2 .22 caliber. 

2 are springers and 2 have a gas piston. they all can be accurate, but they all are very finicky about which ammo I use. 

all 4 of them prefer different brands of ammo.


good luck. I have taken rabbits, doves, squirrels, and a few raccoon with my .22 air rifles. they are a lot of fun to hunt with and if you miss, often times it does not spook the game, so you can often get a second chance.

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I do use a scope with my Crosman Redtail. It does not have built in iron sights.


 I have only tried 2 different pellets for my Crosman Redtail. I have a Crosman F4 that seems to shoot Crosman's hollowpoint .177 pellets really well.


  From what I have heard, if you hold the gun too firmly, the back and forth recoil of the NP pellet rifles can cause accuracy loss.Not entirely sure about that though.


  I was thinking about selling my Redtail and upgrading to a bolt action pellet rifle with the pump lever under the barrel. Since the barrel is fixed, they are supposed to be more accurate with a scope compared to a break barrel.

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