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Marco Rodriguez

SE Houston Bank Fishing

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Hi Everyone, new here 😎


Just started fishing for bass right at the beginning of the summer(if you can't get fish during the hardest time of the year then why bother, that and I guess I'm glutton for punishment lol) and was looking for recommendations for bank fishing in and around SE Houston. 


I've already tried Tom Bass, but only once....got a nibble but that's about it, but I want to go back when it cools down just a bit to see if I can land a good one. I heard and read this is heavily pressured? Are there any even left in there!?!


I've also hit up Centennial Lake Park, caught a 1lber. wOOt!


Hit up Challenger 7 Park and caught a dink during heavily pressured time. There was 8 other anglers out there with me and I was the only one that caught one :laugh-delayed:


Looking for any good spots that are known to have bigger bass and still accessible from the banks.


Thanks in advance!

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Try Tom Bass III on the end of the pond closest to the golf course entrance. Caught one over there and lost one over there. Both dinks but they were biting a baby bush hog on a 1/8 Texas Rig. Only other one I caught was right off the pier.  


Buffalo Run looks good but got skunked. I am a noob so it may be more me than the fish.


Good luck.

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