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Fishing Lake Moultrie in Sc

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   A friend of the family is a fairly new angler. He has just recently gotten into fishing and now has discovered tournament events. By mistake, he has decided to fish Lake Moultrie. The mistake is that he is very un-familar with this particular body of water. Any fall tips would be appreciated. 

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I just got done fishing a tournament in similar conditions on the Tar river in Washington Nc.

with the recent water fluctuations the fishing was off and i only managed to catch one size able bass. I flipped cypress trees all day and any lay downs in the water, i had no success but others that i talked to used shaky heads and light Texas rigs with trick worms around tree to catch fish. The only bites i got were on a kvd 1.5 in sexy chartreuse shad color every time i hit it off something i would pause it for half a second then continue. i did this for about 2 hours before finally catching fish. Also another thing to remember is with the conditions cover as much ground as possible i had to cover about 500 yards of bank before getting a bite. Hope this helps and good luck.

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I'd be all over the spinnerbait and jig there now. In fact, that's what's working here. I'm about an hour north of there.

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