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So a few of us Government employees (different agencies) decided to put together a "Use or Lose" tournament on the Rappahanock River.  All of you who are or ever have been employed by Uncle Sugar know we can only carry over so much annual leave every year.  So, we decided to put together a little TX to help burn off some of that excess leave.  Figured we would do it in the middle of the week to avoid any crowds and the losers all had to bag up at least $20 worth of baits each to give to the winners.  Little did we know there is a bigger TX scheduled this weekend out of the ramp we used so there were a lot of boats prefishing.  Conditions were not great to say the least.  Cold, 20-25 mph winds, muddy water, and iffy tide compounded by a lunar massive outgoing tide.  We ended up 2nd and caught them on a number of baits....Little John cranks, Senko, Ned rig and jigs.  I will say that I caught the 3 biggest on the Senko and it was a tough way to fish.  Weightless in the wind and current makes it tough.  Just to show how important boat positioning is, we fished down a bank with the current and never got bit.  This particular bank has been good to us so we decided to turn around and fish upriver against the tide and current.  2 of the three big fish came off that decision.  I was thrilled to get a Virginia Citation Smallmouth as part of our bag.  We got beat by 4lbs because we could not cull out our 2 squeakers.  The winners had an almost 6lb kicker.  Was a fun day to be out and I'm setting up for my first Crappie trip on the Potomac tomorrow.  Water has cooled off enough that they have moved up.  



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