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Wanting to build a light jig blank for pan fish and bass. Throw from 1/32 to 1/8 light wire jig heads with short tubes and grubs or bucktail type baits.I have a 6' UL from Rainshadow and ST Croix, both blanks work but are a bit light and pretty whippy with little backbone.
I have seen the  Bushido SJ72/4-8 mentioned a few times on the forums and a few other blanks with the similar specs like Rainshadow
Is there any other blanks I should through into the mix?
Looking for a light, fast and sensitive blank.
Please share experiences and thoughts on differences on these blanks!
Thanks Andy
Here's the post from Bass Resoure

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A friend of mine, a very accomplished builder and bluegill fisherman, swears by the Revelation blank you mention, or the UL version of it.  Until Rainshadow came out with these the only choice for those wanting a longer light or ultra light was to build a fly blank into a spin rod.  And the Rainshadow blanks we're talking about are far superior than using a fly blank.  You are on the right track looking at 7' blanks and those close to that length.  Short UL and L rods are an abomination.  



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I have the Rainshadow REVS68UL-2SB two piece blank for panfish and small trout. I haven't had time to build it. It flexes pretty nice.

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Has anybody handled both the rainshadow and Busido? The spec's are pretty similar, I'm wondering if one is noticeably faster or lighter at the tip?

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You guys need to get out more, the blanks he needs have been out for decades, G Loomis, GUSA now United Composites, and Lamiglas have all made blanks for this long before anyone heard of Rainshadow. They are a great company, just not one of the industry innovators.

Sadly only  United Composites still makes those blanks available, look at the UC66LXF and UC70LXF blanks, rated 1/32 the 5/16 oz. lures, 2 to 10 lb. line, and they are easily the most durable graphite blanks, especially with an extra fast action. I've fished the UC66LXF for over 20 years for panfish, SM and LM bass, trout to over 24 inches and a 9 1/2 lb. steelhead as a bi-catch fishing for trout. 

Just spent some time over at the North Fork Composites site and see they are making my favorite G Loomis pattern in a blank again, the SB5100-1 is a redo of the old SJ700 IM6. It was also Stan Fagerstrom's favorite rod. He was an angler, author, hall of famer, and trick caster. They built the factory rods on GL3 material till they changed their rod designs.

It was a popular rod blank to extend into the 6 1/2 ft. range with rod builders for many years.

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