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Logan S

Fish On Bass Anglers 2019 Schedule (MD, NOVA, DC)

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Annual schedule post for Fish On Bass Anglers.  FOBA is a non-affiliated bass club based in Montgomery County, MD that is open to all boaters and co-anglers.  We have a divisional format so boaters and co's are in separate divisions and don't compete against each other.  In addition, FOBA utilizes a catch-weigh-release format for some tournaments where all boats are provided with identical digital scales and fish are weighed, verified, recorded, and immediately released ("MLF-style", though the 5-fish limit still applies).  We use this format so that we can hold tournaments on bodies of water that have closed seasons and/or restrictive limits and also during the summertime when fish care is a greater concern...Approximately half the tournaments are CWR and the other have are traditional weigh-in.


We have annual dues of only $60 and then each tournament has it's own entry fee ($30 or $40, 1-day vs 2-day) with 100% payback.  We hold an annual picnic for members and families after the Black Hill tournament and several non-scheduled 'fun' tournaments through the year.  


It's a great club and we fish the best schedule you'll find in the area...In my somewhat-biased opinion ;).  If you want any more info feel free to post or PM me.  As you can see, the tournament season kicks off in late March but our meetings are monthly.  Next one is on January 2nd.  Can also check us out at fishonbassanglers.com (currently being renovated, but it's 90% complete).


Also want to point out that we have no commitment or participation requirements - Can do as much as little as you want.  No waiting periods, probationary periods or anything else like that...If you want to join, you're in!


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For anyone interested in fishing tournaments....this is THE club in Maryland you need to be fishing with. I've been with FOBA for almost 5 years now as a co-angler and soon plan to transition to the boater side sometime early this year. I've learned a ton fishing with the members of this club, and without a doubt I am a better angler because of the guys I've fished with and against. 


One of the best parts of the club is that we utilize both types of fish weighing procedures: MLF Style and Traditional weigh-in. When the weather is perfect the club tends to utilize traditional weigh-in's whenever possible, and when the sun is blistering we use the MLF Style. FOBA's fish care is second to none, and survival rate is over 99%!


Fishing aside, the members of this club are genuinely good people! I've made a lot of friendships since joining this club and routinely hang out with a lot of the members outside of tournaments for sporting events or for fun fishing. Check us out at fishonbassanglers.com ! If you have any questions please reach out to Logan S (post originator and FOBA club President) or myself for more information!

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