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Seeking recommendation in matching rod and reel

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Hi members!


I wanted to get some opinion on how to match reels to rod. I am planning to use 12 lbs copoly on the rod #1 (for trebles and moving baits), and 40 lbs braid on rod #2 (for single hook and bottom contacts)



#1 Medium heavy, moderate fast 10~17 lbs, 1/4~3/4 oz

#2 Medium heavy, fast, 10~20 lbs, 3/8~1 oz



#3 Lews BB1 pro 7.1:1

#4 Lews tournament pro LFS 6.8:1


I think the main difference is BB1pro has larger and heavier, braid ready spool. So I'd think I should use braid on it, but I hear BB1 pro cast much further, which makes me think maybe I should use mono for treble baits? But then Tournament pro seems smaller, not sure if it is as rugged as BB1pro to handle heavier braid line..And the size.. would larger size matter when matching to each application?


Please help a confused soul.

I appreciate any help!





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The higher gear raito on the jig rod and the lower for cranking.  More pitches per hour that way.  The 6 something reel may feel better on the crank baits and this time of year you need to sloooooooooooooow down


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