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Tournament today

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So, a couple weeks ago @BassAddict1911 sent me a PM saying he still needed a tournament close to where I live. We met up last saturday at Konawa to do a little pre-fishing. It was 46 and sunny. We threw the tackle box at them and blanked. The forecast for today was a low of 19 and a high of 34. Needless to say, I wasn't really expecting much. The tournament take off was moved to 8:00 am due to temps. It was 20 at take off. We got on the water only to find out the lines that pump to the live well were froze up. We figured we would just wait till we caught one and go from there. He had found a point on the map where the main channel ran and it went from 20 FOW to about 4 FOW on what appeared to be about a 45 degree slope. We didn't make it to that point but we found one real close that appeared to be very similar. He started out throwing a jerkbait and I was throwing a lipless. All was slow for a little while and then about 9:20 he hooked up. He was throwing the jerkbait and was looking at his graph. The fish slammed his jerkbait and he set the hook. He said that it feels good so I grabbed the net. She put up a good fight but we landed her. She measured 21 3/4" which is good because you are only allowed 1 fish over 22". It didn't take long and at 9:48 he was slamming another one. This time on an underspin that he was bouncing off the bottom. He said it was another big one and I grabbed the net. This one was in the boat and measured 23". SO far so good. We went cold (literally) for about another hour or so. This time we had moved a little bit further around the point and he hooked into a good on an Alabama Rig. I grabbed the net and we had a nice lil chunk in the box. Maybe 30 min later I was able to catch a nice one on a lipless. We had 4 in the box and needed one more to make us feel better about our chances. We figured if we were catching them, others were as well. We didn't get another bite till about 1:20. Once again, on the Alabam rig he hooked a good one. I saw her roll and she was a sold 4 lb fish. He told me she wasn't hooked well at all. I extended the net and tried to get under her. She shook and I had the rig hooked in the net. I lifted up so he could lip her and she came unhooked and away she went. I felt terrible. We got back for weigh in at 3:00 and their were mumblings of 19 lb being in the lead. We figured we were close. We were the last team to weigh in and our 4 fish tipped the scales at 18.99 with the biggest being 6.28. We ended up winning 3rd place and big bass. First was 19.78 and second was 19.29. Pretty good day when the bites you get are good ones. So, if you ever need a partner for a tournament just start a thread on here, you never know. LOL


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