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Anybody using a Pelican Catch 100 kayak? Might replace my Ride 135

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I just saw this Pelican Catch 100 kayak today at Field and Stream and it looks very interesting to me. I currently have a Wilderness Ride 135, but it's a 2008 model and I have a couple issues with it. One is that this model pre-dated most of the kayak accessories that exploded onto the market the past decade so it doesn't have good, level places to mount accessory rails for various things. I'm contemplating adding some now, but there's going to be some cost and time involved trying retrofit some accessories. And at 13.5' long it has always felt awkwardly long whether I'm on the water, transporting it or keeping it in the yard. This long length allows for a good bit of storage space, but I don't go on long distance trips where that has ever been handy. I admit it does track true and have found some shorter kayaks shift on me when paddling.


This Pelican Catch 100 seems a much better match for the smaller ponds and streams I kayak anyway. If I'm in a kayak I'm generally fishing ponds and streams. And it's wide so seems like it will be as stable as my Ride 135. It is 30 pounds lighter (50 vs 80 lbs) and best of all for me it has what looks to be an awesome, supportive chair that can adjust low or high. I really dislike the low Ride 135 seat for fishing.


Anybody have any experience with these? Hull material looks different and thinner than the Ride 135, hope it isn't weak. I don't take a lot of gear, usually a couple rods and a small bag of tackle.





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