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Lund Renegade 1875 Feedback?

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Hey Guys - It was brought to my attention a few people on here have this boat so hoping you might be able to help. Seriously considering this boat, I've seen a few on the water locally (Musky Fisherman ironically) and they seem to fish really well. I've looked at a few other brands, like that I have a Lund dealer (who I know personally) 5 minutes from my house.

There isn't a 'ton' of real user feedback on these boats considering they have been out for a few seasons now. I've heard good stuff, and I've read some of the detailed posts on them which helps.

I guess overall, anyone with this boat do you:

1. Have any regrets in your purchase?
2. Have things you don't like about the boat?
3. How do you like the rod locker? In weird way, this is my biggest fear. Not so much the side locker, but how its laid out I worry it's going to be a pain with 8 rods in it.

My biggest things:
-I want 2 Talons (fish some really skinny water areas under bridges to access so Poles aren't an option)
-Potentially a 4" Jackplate like the *** guys have theirs setup
-Ultrex on the front

I don't need it to be a speed demon, but I also don't want it to feel underpowered with the 115 so would love to hear if anyone has the above set-up? Any insight would help - thanks a ton guys!

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