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6’10” ML vs 7’1” M?

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Looking at a new Muse Black Spinning Rod in either 6’10” ML or 7’1” M. I have handled the former and it felt overrated power wise. I also have a Muse Gold 7’2” ML that I love. I like to fish with baitcasters when I can, but I love using spinning gear for ease of use and find myself doing finesse fishing most of the time.


here are my current spinning setups:


7’2” ML Muse Gold

3000 Shimano Stradic Ci4+ FA

10 lb braid/6-8 lb floro


7’ M Cabela’s Tournament ZX

2500 Cabela’s Tournament ZX

15 lb braid/8-10 lb floro


6’10 M Lew’s Speed Stick

3500 Okuma Stratus V

20 lb braid/12 lb floro


? Muse Black


first combo is my go to finesse rod for small keitech easy shiners, Drop Shot, Split Shot Rig, tiny cranks. And thing where I need to cast light baits, reel smoothly, or feel the small bites


next is somewhat a beater setup, it’s somewhat sensitive and I use it for open water wacky rigs, weighted keitech fats, Neko rigging, and shakey heads


second to last is my dock beater, use tubes and flukes and wacky rigs only when I’m skipping socks and don’t mind beating this rod up bc it’s durable.


last setup has to be a muse black bc I already bought the 6’10” but I may exchange it for a 7’1” to take over the techniques I use the Tournament zX and have it as a backup. I fish a lot of light baits, but I’d rather have one nice finesse rod and one nice “heavier” finesse rod than two light ones. I may add a second light finesse eventually though. 

Want to put a Stradic bc I love my current one but I’m not certain yet.


i am asking if I should exchange the 6’10” for a 7’1” when it gets here?

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