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Perhaps a diamond in the rough?? Pic's

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I could certainly use some suggestions, ideas or any advice on modifying this boat.  Here's the readers digest version of how I acquired the boat.  I spent the better part of a year trying to figure how to access this property to fish a beautiful looking lake.  After several trips of snooping, I finally decided to just ask permission.  Permission was granted by the owner with open arms.  I found 3 jon boats and 2 trailers that were just lying around on the 100+  acre property collecting rust and being a home for every insect and reptile you could imagine.  She had been sitting for a couple years w/out use.  The trees even grew around her.  I asked the owner about the boat and he said I could have it for FREE and the trailer, which I don't think is going to fit the boat.  He even said I could use his garage and electric to work on the boat.  So now my 15yoa son and I have a summer project.  

DESCRIPTION of the boat.  I believe she's a Starcraft.  !4-16' long.  Very heavy.  Riveted, not welded.  In fact, hundreds of rivets.  found one small leak in bow, center.  Torn rail on port side bow, about 8 inches is torn off.

What I'd like to do.  I already have a 19' Tracker as my bass boat so this jon will be used for T/M lakes only and saltwater use for Snook, Redfish and Trout.  I would like to replace the current wood benches with new wood and make them about a foot or two wider.  Install   pedastool(sp) seats on the front and rear bench.  Deck from the front bench forward for saltwater T/M, which I will take off my Tracker and replace it with the factory T/M. Install bilge pump and lights.  I don't think it would be wise to deck the bottom since it's a riveted boat and would be difficult to fix the leaks if it was decked.  Any and all help/suggestions greatly needed and appreciated.

Here she is in the "jungle." What a Bit** it was getting her out.


Here she is turned upright.


and the transom area.


Thanks for looking.

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It looks like a great boat. Fill it with water to find all the leaks. Put a floor in it like LBH's boat.

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