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Rough waters

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Went out today at Castaic lake in So calif Man was it nice at first then got way bad I  have been going out there since I was a kid. and been boating there for a long time first year with a bass boat.

I thought I was going to sink I went up one wave and down the back and the hole front went under water it happend to fast We had no time to be scared. About a foot of water was in my boat at once the bilge pump took care of that in a hurry.

the question is should I have  went even slower then 5 miles an hour or idle it in next so that does not happen I think I was going to fast and slowed down to fast and I just went right under. The swells were like  3ft If you have ever been there in the wind u know. Great news I dont have to clean my carpet I know its not funny but WOW!!!!!!!

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Welcome. It is called spearing a wave and unfortunately I have done it more than I care to admit. Glad you're ok. Not a lot of fun when that wall of water hits you in the face.

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I myself have found myself out on rough water and I was scared too!

I had taken a guy from work fishing and he had only been fishing on Lake Erie as a kid.

The water was nice and calm when we started but soon it became very windy and I was fighting 5-6 ft waves in a 17 foot boat. Yea I know it was stupid but I took a long trip out to where we wanted to fish.

The way I got back to the dock is by going parrallel with the wave and them sliding my way into them. I stayed at an idle since my boat is not big I stayed slow so that the boat wouldn't spear the water and overturn my boat.  If you have a larger boat it would be better IMO to go faster and stay on top of the water.

Glad to here you made it home safely. That water can turn bad veru quickly :)

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