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Scott C

Need boat cover advice

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Hey Folks,

I am in need of a GOOD boat cover. It will be for both winter storage outside, as well as summer and trailering. My boat is a 1990 Fisher SV-18 GT (18ft bass style aluminum boat)

I was wondering if anybody on here has any experience with those places that you can put in the make and model of your boat and get a 'custom' cover out of it? Do they fit nice and snug like a custom cover should??

Also, can anybody recommend the correct material type/weight that would fit my needs?? Or any other suggestions of cover brands, etc?

Thanks a lot for any input!! :)

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Hey there, I'll take a stab at this. I just purchased a custom cover from Aurora canvas. They requested some basic info of my boat, and I had to wait for almost 5 weeks. I got the top of the line materials . Its a transportable type guaranteed for up to 100mph or something. Fits like a glove. Quality material and stitching.....As far as winter storage??! We are from the same part of the country, and I would recommend for outside storage is to get a marina to "shrink wrap " it for you. It costs me @ 100$ to get it wrapped up. You could also look into a storage unit to rent thru our winters here??  Hope this helps.

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