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Cory N

Portable Smart Battery Charger Recommendations?

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My smart charger is acting really strange and I think it's time for a new one.  I need one with regular, deep cycle, and AGM/gel settings.  

Went to Lowes/tractor supply/home depot and the ones they had were 70-80$ with those settings.

Schumacher and Vector were the brands, is this just how much they cost or is there a suitable, less expensive alternative online?  Is one brand better than the other?  I have two AGM batteries that I don't want to mess up.



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I checked out Schumacher sc2500a. It sound roughly like the Vector vec1097A. The Vector charger has a far better description of the uinits features, but I don't know anyone that uses either one of these units. Both are 'high frequency' chargers. That is they convert the 120volt/60 Hz  line power to 10-50Khz before the isolation transformer. This permits a very small transformer and a lighter charger unit. The vector is the less expensive of the 2. Both look like they are suitable for AGM batteries. The few reviews I can find on the vector complain of the chargers fan noise.

I often have to charge 2 batts at a time and have decided to go with the vector unit. It offers 30 amps for the bulk charge (charging the battery to %75 of capacity) and then falls back to 5 or 10 amps to complete the job. I will just parallel the batts and do them together.

My old 10 amp charger would not get the job done overnight. I figure I can replace the fan with a quieter one if the stock one is too loud.

I will be using the charger for the 1st time over the July4th weekend. If I have a problem I will describe it on the forum.  :)

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