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Suggestions? Reel for MH/F to replace lost Curado 201K

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Planning on getting a reel to replace the one "lost at sea" and could use some input from the group. Combo will be used alongside a L/F, a ML/XF and a M/F, and will generally serve as the go-to "heavy duty" setup.


- sensitivity
- strength


- deep (up to 40 ft) Texas rigged worms 5+ inches
- deep or shallow bottom contact jigs+trailer
- thick/shallow cover - docks, laydowns, frogs in pads


- Avid 6'6 MH/F baitcaster (AVC66MHF) rated lures 3/8 to 1 oz.


- Braid. For now, 40 lb with copoly leader
  (braid for sensitivity and no stretch, given the deep water applications)


This is where I really need your help. I'm brand loyal to Shimano but won't rule out other brands. Lost reel was a Curado 201K, prefer brass gears to aluminum, prefer torque to speed, and smaller reels such as the Curado 70/71 fit my hands better than bigger (200/201K). 


Reel budget:
Around $200


Favorite reel right now is the Curado 70/71 but I'm wondering if this isn't heavy duty enough for the applications, particularly compared to the Curado 200/201. Or are there other Shimano models (or even other brands) that I should consider. In my limited experience, line capacity between the 70/71 and the 200/201 hasn't been an issue. Are there other differences?


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Go to sportsmans outfitters and buy a lews tournament pro for $140 . You'll never go back again.

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I don't have a Tournament Pro, but my choice would be similar - a Lews Tournament MB.  Ijust bought another one (don't ask how many I have) when I saw them on sale at TW and 'needed' a frog reel.  The Curado 70 might feel a little taxed with such deep water applications even if you don't run into line capacity issues using whatever strength braid you're using.  I know I put a Metanium handle assembly on mine and that's really made a difference for me.  That makes for a pricey Curado if you pay full retail (around $245 total).

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I’d get a Curado, or any Shimano over $100. I have Shimanos outperform every brand I’ve ever owned, by a long shot. I don’t think you will tax a 70. I have caught 1000s of bass on my 100b, it’s 17 years young this year and can outcast just about any reel I’ve used.

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