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Boat Wiring Questions

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I am trying to rewire the gauges and switches to a 1978 BassCat with about a 1977 Chrsyler 115hp Charger motor ((model #1159H8B). I managed to get the pumps, lights, and switches running fine (all very simple), I have numerous questions relating to the gauges though, primarily the tachometer,temp gauge, and key ignition posts. First off let me share what I have labeled on the motor's terminal block,the key ignition's posts, and wiring on the tach gauge:

Motor Terminal

Yellow (Start)

Purple (Generator)

White (Tachometer)

Green (Choke)

Orange (Heat)

Red (Battery +)

Blue (Ignition)

Black (Ground -)

Key Ignition Posts

M, I, M, S, C, B

Tachomter Gauge Wires





There was originally a buzzer attached to the orange wire from the motor which I thought was strange because I assumed the orange (Heat) would be a temp gauge send wire. I ended up cutting that buzzer completely out and using the orange wire to the send on my temp gauge, not sure if I was right??

I believe the tach was somehow wired into the buzzer, but now I can't remember how it was done. Something else I found odd was that the tach was wired to the purple (generator) wire from the motor. I ended up disconnecting that and taking the purple wire from the tach gauge to the ignition post, connecting the black wire from the tach gauge to the black (ground -) wire from the motor, connecting the gray wire from the tach gauge to the white (tachomter) wire from the motor, and linking the blue wire from the tach gauge to other wires feeding gauge lights.

I don't think I have done this correct because now I have the purple (generator) wire from the motor going to nothing and the buzzer is no longer in the system. I could use some help. What is the buzzer for and how should it be wired in? How should the tach gauge be wired in? How should I have the key ignition wired? Currently I have nothing going to the M posts on the key ignition, the red (battery +) going to the B post, the green (Choke) going to the C post, the yellow (start) going to the S post, the blue (ignition) going to the I post, and the feed to my fuse box for my accessories going to the I post.

I would really appreciate some help so I can get through this project and test her out. I got a lot done this weekend, but I ran into some ro***s of confusion there at the end.

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My friend, you have created a monster. Why on earth would you choose to eliminate the engine overheat buzzer? Shear lunacy. I'm speculating, but I would think that, your tach will have its power coming from the switch, but the sensor wire will come directly from the motor. I strongly suggest that you contact the boat manufacturer and have them send you a schematic.

With respect, I think you might be in over your head.

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Well thanks for your insults. I have taken everything into my own hands and done very well considering I had no real responses from 3 seperate forums I posted on. May main confusion was over the generator wire and the tach wire, but I figured it out.   Everything is connected and working fine, and yes the buzzer is back in the system. Thanks anyway...maybe I wasn't in over my head afterall.

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Ybor, I apologize if you considered my post an insult.  The nature of your post gave me the strong impression that you were in trouble and only making things worse.

About a year ago I was in the same predicament.  I was trying to completely re-wire an '89 Tracker that had been vandalized; plus I wanted to add a water pressure and a fuel gauges.  I did OK for a while but I soon discovered that the wiring colors changed with each harness plug-in.   I then realized that I was in over my head without a schematic.  To my great good fortune, I was able to obtain one.

Like you, I now have everything working perfectly.

Again, my apologies.

Hopefully, now you will understand the my post to you was out of concern, not to insult you.

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Its all good...I was pretty irritated at first because I had turned here for advice about a couple wires and only got criticism.  No hard feelings though.  

The main thing I was trying to determine was whether my temp sensor, which was originally wired to a buzzer, would also send the proper signal for a temp gauge.  I decided that was doubtful so I went back to the buzzer rather than a gauge.  The other concern was over my tach and what to use as the send wire, the one marked "tach" or the one marked "generator".  The tach was originally wired to the one marked "generator" so I've gone that route.  If that doesn't work its a 2 minute job to switch the connections inside the reomote control.  I traced them back the other day and I think the one marked "generator" came off the voltage regulator, I don't remember where the one marked "tach" ran to.  Anyway, all the accessories and switches are working and I'll do a barrell test on the motor this weekend after I replace the water pump impeller, change spark plugs, and change the LU oil.  I'll know then if the tach works.

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