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HELP! Starting on my V-haul mod....

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This boat was given to me for free. It is 15 1/2 feet long and 67" wide, across the top. I would like to install the following:

1. bilge pump

2. bow mount T/M, possibly 24 volt.

3. running lights

4. dry storage

5. live well/fish box

6. deck but probably not the whole boat.

7. two raised swivel seats

8. paint

The biggest problem I see so far is the broken rail on the port side. About 8 inches of the rail is torn of and the side of the boat has about a 4 inch tear. Is this repairable?

I'm pretty handy working with wood but not aluminum. I have access to two people who have their own welding companies and can weld aluminum but they live about 20 miles away. Perhaps they can fix the tear.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and steps to follow.





Thanks for the help.

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No idea what to tell you about that tear but MAN did you get a deal! Have fun with it, we did the same with ours except our boat is only 14' long. It's actually quiet stable, and yours is even bigger. Fished a tourney with my friend Pigsticker who is on this board and he's 6'5 and we had no problems in the boat.

Here's the boat the day we finished it.


Just ask me if you have any questions

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