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My kick butt 1542 jon project.

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I wanted to make something that was small enough to be used on elec. only impoundments, yet big enough to be used on large reservoirs, and in the ocean.  I also wanted it to be able to practically fish for bass, troll for stripers, run for reds and trout in the flats, and hold 20 or so crappie rods under a bridge late at night.  

I settled on a Yazoo 1542 mod vee.  I ended up with a 1975 Evinrude 40 as the main powerplant, and a MK 40 pound All Terrain as the bass fishing trolling motor.  I will also mount my '88 Evinrude 4 deluxe on it as a kicker for striper fishing (assuming it will push it to just over 3 mph - not sure of that right now - if it doesn't it is just an excuse to increase my collection of outboards that currently consists of just 10 :D)  Also, I will at some point get 2 70 pound MK transom mounts for electric only.  I sized the fuel hatch to hold 4 group 27 batteries, when I have the 40 horse off.  

Read all about it, and view the pictures here.  Keep in mind, I am 15.  

Also, check back every few months.  This thing will never be finished as long as I own it, as I cannot leave good enough alone.  It will constantly evolve.


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Very nice workmanship!

great lay out of the project, you could turn your project in for a grade at school.

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Very nice work.  Great job documenting every step of the way.

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Well, if you next project is half as good as this one, I DONT WANNA SEE IT.  it will only remind me how bad mine looks.  

I'll be sure to PM it to ya...... ;D

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Oh boy.  I bought the boat back in February, and spent many hours just planning, and pondering, and planning, and pondering etc.  Except for putting coats of paint on the trailer, I didn't really do much until spring break in April.  I am estimating 400+ hours for all (except planning) - trailer, structure, carpet, electrical, and engine work.  But, I wasn't necessarily using the time as well as I could have now.  When I first started the project, I lacked a vertical metal cutting bandsaw.  Most of my sheet cuts were done with a saber saw, which is a total pain in the neck, and incredibly slow.  Also, I was teaching myself as I went, so now I know where it is better to punch, or drill, and what pieces need to be made and installed first, where they don't interfere with the installation of other pieces.  I actually had every piece to the stern deck cut and jigged in place, before I drilled and riveted anything.  Now that I have experience, and better tools, can do things a lot quicker.  If I was starting over, with the exact same plan, but with the experience/equipment I have now, I could probably cut it down to 250 or less hours.  

My ballpark estimate for pricing this is 3700 - 4000.  Here is a rough breakdown.

boat/trailer - 600

motor - 325 plus about 175 in parts (ran when I got it, so the parts are just tune up parts and LU rebuild parts)

trolling motor - 150 shipped. Bought from swap and sell.

bow sonar - 90 shipped. Bought from bassresource swap and sell

console sonar and RAM - 125 shipped. Bought from ***.

Aluminum - estimate 585 - 600 at surplus price from local scrapyard. (Some is new that has been scrapped)

Trailer parts and paint - estimate 200. Previous owner replaced wheels, tires, jack and coupler before I bought it. I just had to paint, replace leaf springs, replace lights with LEDs, replace bunks, lengthen tongue and make winch post.

Carpet and glue - I think about 125. Bought 20 linear feet, and when I finish, I should have some left. Used 2 gallons of glue, and I may need another to get the last little bit finished.

Seats, pedestals, bases, and such from Cabelas - 240.

Rivets - I estimate that I used around 25 boxes. They were varying sizes, and came from Home Depot, or Northern tool. I think they averaged 4 bucks a box from the two places, so call it 100 bucks. Definitely could have saved a bit there if I had bought in bulk, or bought all from Northern (significantly cheaper than HD for future reference).

Wiring. Came to about 230 from Genuinedealz down in Brunswick Ga. It is all top of the line tinned marine grade, and I used large sizes (probably larger than needed) because I had long runs.  All the connectors have heat shrink built in.

My trolling battery is an Interstate group 27 that dad got me through his work for 70. Not sure if he gets a discounted rate or not, but I am satisfied with this brand. Used it for a year on my Grumman. The starting battery is an old AAA that came out of a car we inherited and parted out. Will probably have to replace it soon, so there is another 60 for an Interstate.

The hinges and rivnuts came from Aircraft Spruce and set me back about 50 or so bucks.

I am estimating that I spent probably 100 bucks on stainless hardware to replace non stainless stuff in the boat, and to mount my stuff.

The kicker, my Evinrude 4 horse Deluxe (deluxe model has shifter, twist tiller, and other stuff found on a 9.9) actually has about -225 in it (I had 600 in my Grumman, trailer, and this motor then sold the Grumman and trailer for 825) but I am not taking that off the project cost, just going to call it free.

I am going to say another 225 or so in hardware that I have added, or will add - cleats, hatch pulls, nav light bases, other mounting hardware etc etc.

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