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South FLA

Finished my UPGRADES and some prop ??'s

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Finally finished with all the upgrades to my Ranger 185vs Intracoastal.  

1 AGM Cranking Battery, 2 New Deep Cycle Batteries, an XL Power Pole,  Bobs Jack Plate, and a New Garmin GPS 545 w/ BlueChart® g2 Vision Chip.  ;D  

I currently have a Yamaha 23M  Pro Series and was wondering if I would get a better hole shot with a 4 blade prop.  I was thinking of getting a Yamaha Performance 4 Blade Prop w/ a 24" pitch. I know its a bigger pitch and you're supposed to go an inch smaller, but the Yammy website states:

"If a Pro or Saltwater Series prop was used previously, pick a pitch one inch higher when trying one of these propellers because they are slightly less aggresive"

Anyone running a 185vs here with a four blader?  If so any suggestions or what 4 blade Prop to use?  What type of performance do you get?  

I have a 150HP Yamaha Vmax on it.  I don't need a speed demon, but I need to get out of the hole quickly in shallow water flats and sometimes I use my boat to pull by buddies skiing.  Currently get 59MPH before jack plate haven't had a chance to run it wide open after adding jack plate.

Thanks in advance!


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That is an awesome boat! I have seen some other posts about it. I couldnt think of a more perfect boat for fishing South Florida salt water Shallows and inland freshwater lakes.

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Generally, a four blade will give a better hole shot than a three. They will usually have less steering torque also but the also usually need to be run a good bit higher than three blades. They may also cause you to loose two - four mph on top end.

Before investing heavily in a four blade, I would strongly recommend trying one first. My boat has always performed better with a custom tuned three blade than a four. Better holes shot and better top end speed. Having a good three blade tuned for you boat is also a lot cheaper than a new four blade.

Sometimes, on some hulls the four blades are just the ticket, but that's not always the case.

I know they look like crap on the back of your motor but your biggest holeshot boost is going to come from adding a good hydrofoil. I like the SE Sport 300. Properly setup, they add greatly to holeshot and do nothing the slow the boat down on top end.

One other thing, before doing anything about a different prop, you need to get the jackplate dialed in so you can get a good rpm reading with the prop you're running. Adding the jack plate and getting the height right could add several hundred rpm to what you had. You want to keep the rpm so it's right at max recommended with normal load and properly trimmed out.

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