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Used trolling motors.

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During my time away here I purchased a 12 ft semi V and added the 12volt 55lb AT from my Champion. That motor never had the grunt to pull that 18 1/2 footer around anyway.

To replace it I purchased a used MK Maxxum, 65lb 24 volt that was supposedly rebuilt from a guy at a marine dealer at another forum. That motor has been more work that the money I saved. I paid a whole $200 for it. Yes, I knew it was well used.

Right off the bat, after I installed it, the motor wouldn't deploy. It turned out the deployment latches and pull rope had been put in new (that's a good thing) but he put the wrong size in. That's bad. I wound up grinding the latches down to make them work.

Then, trip number 2, while on high speed the TM suddenly came to an abrupt halt. Smoke started coming out from the TM head. ;)

That's not supposed to happen. That was the end of that day on the lake. When I got home I pulled the head apart and found the guy must have tried to rewire the tm wires. The wires that feed the light for the direction arrow shorted out to ground. That led to a rewiring job.

All along I had had problems with the TM occasionally jamming when steering. I'd have to pull the motor out and re-deploy. On my last outing, the motor jammed up tight, foot pedal wouldn't move. Fortunately at the end of a tournament I was fishing. Tonight I found a screw that had somehow gotten down inside the inner and outer shafts of the TM. I'm trying to figure out how to get it out but it certainly explains the intermittant steering jamming.

When it comes to used equipment, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. One thing is for sure, I'll be on the look out for this particular person and if I see him post any so-called "rebuilt" TM's for sale, either here or anywhere else, I'll be sure to warn anyone to think twice before dealing with this guy.

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It sounds like this guy made a mess of things and then dumped it on the unsuspecting buyer.   In other cases, used equipment can go bad through no fault of the seller, and the timing is just bad.  I bought myself another boat last winter and in the spring I sold my old boat.  I spent the time and money necessary to keep my old boat and engine maintained and running in tip-top condition.  I sold it to my step-son's friend.  His second time out with the boat, it died on him out on the lake.  I felt guilty as hell even though I thought I had done everything I could to make sure the boat was ready to go.  I offered to give the guy some money back to pay for repairs but he wouldn't take it.  Some things can't be foreseen.

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That really sucks. I would go back to the seller and ask for some help or offer to hand him his jewels on a platter.

I've still got his email.  I'm going to send him a note informing him of just how bad a job he did on this so called "rebuild" job.

He occasionally sells multiple TM's on the forums.  Usually a guy selling junk would be outed but not so in this case.  I tore the thing down last night including pulling the inner shaft from the outer.


I figured out where the screw(s) came from.  I'm making a repair that should be better than new.  

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