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need help with electrical work

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Hey everyone, I hope this is the place to post my problem.  I am trying to wire my trailer lights to my truck, I have a 2005 Saturn Vue, the wires were already looped in the back of the truck.  So supposedly all I have to do is cut the truck wires and splice them to my trailer wires.  My truck wires are as follows coming from the owners manual.  Green (right turn signal) Yellow (left turn signal) brown (stop lamps, I think this is brake lights?) Light Blue (Parking lamps) Black (ground wire)

My trailer lights came in a universal kit, with water proof tail lights, White (ground) Green (right turn signal) Yellow (left turn signal) Brown (brake lights)  Does this sound right to everyone?  I grounded the white wire to the tongue, green to green, yellow to yellow, brown to brown.  Then on the back of the trailer I have the brown and green wires connected to the brown and green wire, on the other side yellow and brown to the yellow and brown on the tail lights.

When I try this combination I get all random lights coming on at different times.  I have had all the lights working just never in the right order.  Sorry this post is so long, I am at my wits end and my pride is suffering.  Thanks in advance, Jamie Calloway.


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Sounds like your trailer and truck grounds are not connected. The truck black is connected to truck chassis, and you have connected the trailer white to the trailer chassis. I assume you have the trailer hitched to the truck during these tests, and it sounds like the ground is not being caried thru the hitch. Try connecting the truck black to the trailer white and see if your problem doesn't clear up.

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Hi Jamie,

typically trailer wiring is:

Brown=Running(Parking) lights

Green=Right turn signal

Yellow=Left turn signal


I'm not familiar with your vehicle, does the Vue have separate bulbs for the turn signals and brake lights? If it does you will need a converter if the trailer uses the same circuit for signal/brake with one bulb. you could also wire the trailer for a 5-way with separate brake lights and turn signals.

Good Luck & hope this helps

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