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Dixie Bass Boats?

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Hey yall I'm back once again seeking some help on my search for a new boat.  I came across a 15 foot dixie bass boat.  I was wondering if Dixie makes quality boats.  It has a 40 hp evinrude, a new deck, and a good bit of storage space.  From the pictures it looks like a well kept boat.  The guy is asking $2000 for it.  I was wondering if this is a good deal, and if i should pursue it.  Thanks again for the help.

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Given the vintage of boats you're looking at for the money you have to spend,  your primary concern is the wood used in construction and how it's lasted and the motor condition.  

Whether you're looking at a mid to late 80's Ranger or a late 80's boat called a Dixie,  the concerns you have are the same.  A 20 year old Ranger, if poorly treated during it's lifespan, is just as likely to be a bad buy as a Dixie boat that was well treated during the same period of time.

Unless you buy from the original owner, you have no idea how any boat was taken care of over the years.  I would suggest you arm yourself with knowledge on spotting transom and stringer rot along with anticipating spending the money to have the outboard inspected by a knowledgable mechanic.  That's the best bet when looking at older bassboats.  

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