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Mike 12345

Looking for info about a particular model/line of Stratos boats

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Does anyone have any experience on the Stratos "SS Extreme" line of bass boats? From those I've seen for sale online, it looks like they were built from the late 90's into the early 2000's (I could be wrong on that) and range from 19 - 21 feet.

I'm wondering about how those boats handle, deal with choppy water, how they ride at speed, etc. I suppose mainly, I'm wondering if the "Extreme" moniker would be suggestive that the hull was designed for speed at the expense of ride quality, or if it is just a marketing thing.

I've been looking at several used ones online, and might be interested in upgrading by older ProCraft in the future, but I don't want a boat that is going to beat me up all day.

Thanks for any input-

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The Stratos "SS Extreme" are Alan Stinson designed radial vee hull combines top-end speed with superb handling. Alan was not only the founder of Nitro Boats, which he sold off to Bass Pro Shops, but he was the designer of the well known Skeeter Starfire, and the world record holding Stratos 201 hulls. Alan Stinson has designed every hull that Larry Nixon has fished from since 1976!

I fish Toledo Bend out of a Stratos 258 which is a 15' 8 boat and you would be amazed at how well this small boat handles rough water.

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Good info guys, thanks.

Don't those Extreme models typically have the Evinrude FICHT, straddling the transition period between when OMC had all the problems and then when they were more reliable, like 2000 and up?

I'm only asking because I don't know, and this is what I've been told about these years of Evinrudes.

There is one for sale in my area, and I am sort of pre- searching for that future boat!


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