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First time using a depth finder

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My cousin recently received as a gift one of those depth finders that you can strap onto your trolling motor and use portably in a jon boat.  We are planning on going night fishing Thursday night probably about 9pm to 2am.  We will be on our home lake that we always fish, but we have never had access to a depth finder and always just fished visible structure, points, and the shoreline.

I know I have read on here to look for humps with the depth finder and of course if we can find trees of rocks we will drop a line deep.  But is there any structure that may be specific to night fishing and the bass patterns at night.  It is not very cold here in Florida so I'm not sure how much the bass have been affected by the weather.

Anyways enough rambling, any tips for a couple beginners using a depth finder to locate some big bass?

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Look for the submerged grass(Hydrilla). If you set the unit up right it will show it all to you. Concentrate on the points and pockets on the outside grassline. Not sure how deep it is down there. If it is slow, start working the inside grassline. Buzzbaits, frogs, trick worms, or any other plastics, and some jerk baits. Good luck

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the lake gets to about 30 feet deep according to info i looked up, it is spring fed and supposedly a fence line runs through the middle, I guess I'll find out.  From what I have seen of the shorelines the bottom of the lake is mostly sand or muck.

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