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We-No-Nah Canoe

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Am considering buying a we-no-na canoe made out of Kevlar. Any opinions on this manufacturer and Kevlar in general ?

I am not a canoe expert. However, I have just finished my second season with a canoe I bought in May 2007, a Wenonah Kevlar, the14' Fisherman model. It's the only canoe I've owned, so I have no basis of comparison.

I have no reason to believe that Wenonah is not a high-quality line. As to Kevlar, it was that or nothing, as I'm an old codger and no way did I think I could hoist or lug around around a canoe weighing close to 60 pounds.

Kevlar is not as tough as Royalex. I see people dragging the latter across gravel and treating them roughly, but Royalex is supposedly indestructible. I'm more careful with my boat, but it has survived a lot of collisions with stumps and the like just beneath the surface and banging into cars, trees, the ground, etc. There are plenty of visible scratches but no apparent compromise with the integrity of the hull.

The Fisherman model is wide, stable and roomy, but the price paid for that is less paddling efficiency, but I knew that going in and was more than willing to make that tradeoff.

If I had it to do over again I'd buy the same boat. I could probably keep rambling on, but I don't know what information you're after, so feel free to ask more questions if you'd like, either via post, e-mail or PM.


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I too am getting "long in the tooth" and the weight factor is a issue. That's what drew me to Kevlar. Am looking at the Aurora as they are said to be  a all around canoe (fishing, river running) that handles well. We have a small river near by (Tobacco River) that my son might enjoy running on his visits from the Navy, and I like to fish the high mountain lakes. Had a bit of sticker shock when I saw the price, these are "spendy" canoes, but very well made from what I hear....

Got myself about 98% convinced

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I took a peek at the Aurora on the Wenonah site and, superficially, at least, it seems very similar to the Old Town Camper, which a friend owns and which we have fished from a number of times. There's no reason that wouldn't serve your fishing needs.

For me, I am not a canoeist, just a fisherman, with no other uses for a canoe, so I chose that which I thought would serve me best for fishing.

You say you're getting "long in the tooth", so don't fiddle around with a decision for 15 years like I did. I wish I could be transported back in time and buy that thing years before I actually did.

Good luck whatever you decide.

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