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97 Nitro Livewell help??

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I have a '97 19' Nitro that I have had @ a year. Need some help from someone on how the livewell is supposed to work. I have two console switches (three point toggle type) for water and one for "recirculate". I realize that the two water switches turn on two pumps and fill it quickly...one switch/one pump...not so quickly. 1.What is the recirculate supposed to do? 2. Why am I losing water out of the well (like all of it) when I run across the lake? :-? I know these are simple questions, but I am really perplexed. :-[ Thanks in advance for the help.

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Boat manufacturers tend to handle livewell plumbing a little different from one another.  Most recirc systems take water from the livewell and pump it back in via a aerator head back into the livewell.  I'm not completely sure how Nitro plumbs that line though.  

You're losing water as you run through the LW drain line.  Most boat manufacturers have a shutoff valve in the cockpit area of the boat that turns the drain line off.  Overflow is handled by the overflow tube.  If the boat doesn't have a shutoff you'll have to install a plug into the drain at the bottom of the well.  

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