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The Rooster

Caring for trolling motor during cold weather

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This might be a stupid question but I have a Minnkota Powerdrive that I paid a lot of money for this passed spring and now that cold weather is here, do I need to remove it from my boat and store it in the house??  I'm worried that cold weather will hurt it somehow and it won't work come springtime.  

Also I have the batteries still in the boat but they are on an automatic onboard charger to keep them up.  Always before I kept them in the house but this year since I have that charger I figured it will be OK, and some on here have already said it should be.  I'm just double checking again.  The boat is covered by a tarp from end to end and it's peaked so rain and snow fall off instead of just sitting on top of it.  I'm just worried about the cold temperatures hurting some of this stuff somehow.  

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The trolling motor will be fine.  If you have a removable mount for it then by all means take it inside.  More for theft prevention than anything.

I've always pulled my batteries for winter storage.  It was just easier to keep them charged when they were in the garage vs the boat.

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OK. I just didn't know whether the cold would hurt the motor seals or not. It's just me stressing over it costing so much to replace it is all. I used to keep my batteries inside as well but my charger went out on me and instead of buying another portable I just invested the money in an onboard charger instead. It made it MASSIVELY easier to charge them up after each trip cause I just back the boat up next to the house where I keep it anyway and the receptacle to plug up to is right there. Before that I was taking them both in the house after each trip to recharge them. That's like lifting two 100 pound weight sets when you have two large deep cycle batteries like that. They probably weigh less but it feels like it. So this year was a snap on charging them but now that it's cold outside I was just wondering if it would be alright to leave them there plugged up.

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