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Help with replacing prop 2004 Johnson OMC 175 HP Bombardier??

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Hey all,

I have put the boat away for the winter and now the repairs start. First thing I'd like to do is replace the prop on my 2004 Johnson 175 HP Bombardier engine. I have been checking on line but the munbers on the prop I have don't seem to match up. The lettering on the prop is as follows:

J 14 X 23P.... Model number?? 48 832834A45 23P

I don't see a part number anywhere on the prop itself. Seems to be a 6 or 7 digit number?? Am I missing a number some where???

Any help is appreciated!!

Alan (bassnajr)

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If it's not a OEM prop it won't have a part number you would recognize. Look on the edge of the prop under the washer behind the prop nut, most props will put the size and possible part number there. Some will just stamp the size into the side of the barrel.

Don't go by what the motor says it comes with, that is seldom the right size that goes on your particular boat.

If it's a stainless Raker, it will be an even number pitch. If it's a four blade stainless Renagade or three blade aluminum it will be an odd number pitch size.

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