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a battery of questions

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I need to replace a deep cycle that I use exclusively on a trolling motor. The last I purchased was a "Nautilus" NG24 from Shucks Auto Parts and it worked well for 3 or 4 years. My question is, are the higher price batteries like "Cabelas AGM", "Optima", and the like worth the extra $$? Vibration isn't much of a concern and I don't use it for cxranking.

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My experience is that higher priced batteries last longer than their lower priced brethern but when you consider cost per months or years of use the lower priced unit are at least as good. I have been using Wal Mart's with good success of about 4 to 5 years life. I take good care of my batteries by charging as soon as I get home and maintaining proper water level with distilled water.

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Nautilus NG24, If I am right that is an Exide battery.  They make some good stuff.  I am running a set right now.

If you want more power for longer then go to a 27 series with more reserve amps.  Mine are 182 RA in the 27 series and they will keep my 82# Tmotor going all day with no visible drop in power.

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