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Fishing Rhino

Canoe refinements

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A few months ago I posted about my "fishing machine". I had modified my canoe to keep everything instantly accessible from my seat.

While the prototype worked well, and exceeded my expectations, there were things about it that could be improved. The spacing on the original rod tip holder was not quite right. The "pockets" on the midship holder for the butts were a little too deep, and a bit too close together.

Here is the finished, refined product.







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OK, I think I've got it. I hope I've got it. I pray I've got it.








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Awesome set up. You turned that canoe into a Bass slaying machine.

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Thanks.  My wife thinks it's absurd with all those rods.

I'd hate to go back to just a couple of rods, but would if necessary.

It is eye opening to see how the catch goes up when you can put one rod down and pick up another that is rigged differently.  When I had a couple, I'd set up my tackle box with the lures I wanted to try 'til I found what the fish wanted.  Changing lures is time consuming, for me anyway.  I now do it at home.  

With that number of rods I can rig with an assortment of baits.

The center rod is for handling wake baits.  It will handle lures up to six ounces.  The rod to its left is also extra heavy and will handle lures up to three ounces.

I'm anxious for next spring.  When the herring start to run in the Westport Rivers, it isn't long before large stripers chase them into the runs.

I want to try some of the large swimbaits that look like herring, and some of the larger worms, just to see what happens.  

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Awesome set up. You turned that canoe into a Bass slaying machine.

Thanks.  While not being able to stand has its disadvantages, the advantages more than balance it out.  I do everything right from the seat.  When you catch a lunker and get it to the boat, it's right there beside you.  Easy to lip or net it.

I rarely use the net for bass.  I usually use if for large pickerel.

Funny, years ago, I thought nothing of handling them.  Now, the large ones look like barracuda to me.  I want no part of those teeth until I get it under control with the net.

The other thing about handling fish that makes the canoe handy is that I always wet my hand before handling any fish.  A wet hand does less damage to the slime coating on a fish.

Though I plan to have a platform boat, jon or otherwise to complement the canoe, I cannot get the image of me taking a couple of unplanned swims as I lean over the side out of my mind.

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