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  1. Hello Tom!  Hope you’re doing well ol’ buddy!

  2. The cheapest gas in the eastern U.S.between New England and Florida can be found at the Pilot service center, exit 150 on I-81, in Troutville, VA. It was 2.03 in late February on our trip to Daytona. It's usually at least a nickel cheaper than any other station on that route, but most often it's a dime to fifteen cents cheaper. Are batteries included?
  3. In Massachusetts, alcohol is prohibited at boat ramps operated by the state. And, there is also a 45 mph speed limit on all the state waters.
  4. My guess, since I don't drink is that they are like Nitrous Oxide at the dentist. It doesn't kill all the pain, but you just don't seem to care. Speaking of the dentist. I got a good laugh out of my dentist just after I sat down in the chair. He was just putting the nitrous mask on when I said wait a minute. He withdrew the mask and I reached into the pocket of my shirt and pulled out one of those "breathe right" nostril spreaders and with a flourish, slapped it onto my nose. I told him I didn't want any of his laughing gas escaping around the edges.
  5. I am of the persuasion that a strong healthy immune system is our best defense. I also believe that one attains a healthy immune system by challenging it, not protecting it from every sniffle, or cough, or boo boo that we get. We are born without an immune system. Nature makes up for that, at least in mammals, via a mother's milk. Aside from that we are defenseless. Part of the process is for our bodies to recognize intruders. If my high school biology serves, the immune system goes to war immediately with general purpose protectors while the chemical system in our body produces specially designed anti bodies for each intruder. I often wonder if those alcohol dispensers that are commonplace today do more harm than good by washing away or killing organisms before the body can begin to identify and produce the specific anti bodies to eliminate the invaders. In the past two decades, we've heard about super bugs that are nearly impervious to most meds, and the pharmaceutical industry is hard pressed to stay ahead of this development. I've come to appreciate the end of "War of the Worlds" The extra terrestrials were marching across continents, laying waste to our civilizations, impervious to our weaponry. In the end, they were destroyed by germs to which they had never been exposed. Just sayin'.
  6. I'll defer to your experience with the Toyota look alike covers. Having said that, I've had the ones in the first image on my trailer without a complaint. They look like they did when I put them on two or three years ago. The bridges that cross the Cape Cod Canal are narrow with 18" high stone curbs. I scrubbed one last year, grinding away part of the rim on the wheel. It also ground away a lot of the hub cap, but it remained firmly attached to wheel. There has been no deterioration of the finish on any of the caps I put on mine.
  7. Tracker quit making and selling them a couple or three years ago. They make wheels with the pattern shown in the image you posted. The hub caps were junk. Running over a pot hole would jar them loose. You can get a four pack of these on Amazon for 36 dollars. They have a variety of styles. Take a look. I've used them for the past three years and have yet to lose one. I've broken them on curbs and other obstacles and they have stayed on the wheel. I scrubbed them on the high curbs of the bridges that cross the Cape Cod Canal. They were totally scuffed and scraped, but they still held fast. These will give you a similar look to what you now have. Four of these are 30 dollars.
  8. Speaking of catching things other than fish, I'll go back to the annals of history. While hauling lobster gear in Buzzards Bay a sail from a yacht , a 46 foot Hinkley, came up, tangled in our ground line. The next time we hauled that gear we "caught" the sail bag for the afore mentioned sail. Over the years we also acquired nearly five gallons of lead sinkers and jigs from the party boats out of Montauk when they dragged their baits across our ground lines. The real prize was when basking sharks would become entangled in our ground lines. It could take a couple of hours of cutting and splicing to get a trawl back in fishing order.
  9. I haven't seen this mentioned. Could have missed it. With the high freeboard and the large center console how much will the wind move it compared to a bass boat which is nearly sunk at rest? If that won't become a problem for you, I see no reason not to "go for it".
  10. Whood a thunk it, but the tilt control at the bow getting shorted is not a rare occurrence. I solved that by installing a switch to turn the battery off. The worst thing is not ending up with a lot of water in the boat, but travelling down the highway and having the motor tilt down because water intrusion shorted out the tilt switch.
  11. Anyone on my boat wears a pfd at all times until they get ashore. Things can happen quickly on the water and a pfd is never more accessible than when it is being worn. Another rule is no alcohol on the boat.
  12. That must have been the blind carpenter who picked up his hammer and saw.
  13. It's really quite simple. Fish for a species you've never caught. If you are successful in catching one, it will be your personal best. But, it will also be your personal smallest.
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